Silver Shine Building System TECHNOLOGIES

Silver Shine Building System TECHNOLOGIES is a Specialized company that provides world class facades for building made glass and metal It’s also a one stop shop for any solution in glass, Cladding, doors and windows Building Systems. Facilities available in Silver Shine BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES that enables high volume and quality production and to keep paced with marked need and project requirements.

DESIGN DIVISION : Computer aided design, software for glass optimization, and software for Aluminum cutting optimization.
MATERIALS DIVISION : Mainternance of optimum inventory with regular probe into the market to top grade accessories for our products.
FABRICATION DIVISION: 2 independent production and assembly lines with imported machinery from for cutting,milling, drilling, crimping, punching, bending etc.
GLASS DIVISION : Pneumatic pump for faster and easy sealanting, glass stacking, glass curing racks, movement trolleys.

We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufactures of U-PVC windows, Doors, Office Partition. We are marching ahead successfully, driven by the company’s commitment to delivering innovation and exc ellence.

Values & Policies

Our basic operating principles help explain the way we do business, and have been central to our continued success. When you deal with us, you can expect us to: -Act honestly and with integrity -Provide our clients with a truly professional approach to contracting -To create values beyond money for our clients and ourselves.


Quality management is central to all our activites. We endeavor to provide our clients with a truly professional approach to project delivery. We use U-PVC PROFILES which confirm to the highets standards. We ensure customer satisfaction with our state of art machinery and the use of material / hardware of highest quality. We have incorporated cutting edge technologies and adopted high precision machinery such as cutting machines and copy router machine and heat fusing machine etc. We are equipped with in house assembly unit to enhance productivity. Cutting, Drilling and Slotting of Profiles done with high precision, thus achieving perfect hairline water seal joiners, which resist ingress of air and water through joints resulting in captivating aesthetic and superior functionality and peace of mind.